In response to Eric Liman's post:

Coke Had to Cancel a Contest After a Bottle Cap Called Someone "Retard"

I think @Shannon Denny from Brand Communications at Coca-Cola clearly missed the mark in her statement to the press. Instead she should have said:


"Coca Cola sincerely apologizes for the ignorance of our actions. We truly did not know that Canadians didn't like to be called retards, we thought they knew everyone called them that. If we had known we NEVER would have picked this cap out especially for our devoted Canadian customer base. Canadians, as the world knows, are all proponents of recreational Cannabis use & potheads drink a lot of Vitamin Water! Our executive team has planned a team building event next month in Toronto where they will be immersed in provincial customs in order to exemplify our sensitivity to occult Canadian culture...especially the Cannabis Sativa."

[Please no hate comments from Canada, I'm originally from Upstate New York & spent quite a bit of time across the border not far from my house, especially between the ages of 18-21, because you can drink at 18 in Canada & that is one of the many reasons Canada is awesome.]

With Love,